Match and toothpick ad – why is it a good way to advertise?

Who could forget inspector Colombo, who found at the crime scene matches help explain the murder? Well, these days fewer and fewer people used the restaurant and bar matchbook, but instead of that we can bring a specially designed toothpick as a souvenir after a memorable evening. Both objects have cult value, contacting about the venue and last but not least is always at hand when it would be needed. But how safety match has become an advertising space?


The first matches were made in the US in 1892, the prototype was created by the Diamond Match Company, which is still one of the largest manufacturers in the world matches. The first advertisement matches was produced in only 200 pieces! The golden age of the advertisement on the matches was connected to the Pabst brewery with a 10 million order. After this there was no stop for the matches to became more and more popular among the quality content advertisers.

Although the golden age of the matches era has been ended, this advertisement form has not disappeared from: your favorite venue can be represented with another handy supplies: You can pick a custom-designed toothpick box as a souvenir after a great event!


Why it is worth to advertise on safety matches or toothpick?

Efficient: who takes a match or a toothpick to hand, he or she will be use it, not throw away or discard it immediately. With these items be sure your ad reaches the target!
Cheap: comparing with other solutions, it is very effective to advertise on match or on toothpick, it is cheap to reach the targetgroup!
Practical: because these items really have function, design is not the only reason to keep at You.
Looks trendy: these products, in addition to be practical, they look nice and custom-designed, it is a good way for a long advertisement of the content displayed.

Try it yourself the advertising opportunities of the matches and toothpicks! Advertise with us!